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  1. stevert66 says:

    This comment was submitted by an attendee of SUMMERFEST!
    I attended the Nob Hill Summerfest event on Saturday July 22, arriving around 5:00 pm.

    Nice mellow crowd, with no parade. The atmosphere was different… calm, less families with little ones. Only a single trail of people walking West on the south side of Central from Carlisle. It turned into a rainy night around 8 o’clock, which cooled the evening nicely.

    Decided to go and see the band Los Lobos play on Monte Vista around 8:30 pm.

    Once I got to the stage, I realized that there was better viewing on the other side of the stage. So I proceeded to walk behind the stage to get to the other side. Behind the stage was Los Lobos preparing for their performance. It was delayed because of rain! Talking with Los Lobos was Mayor Berry. Thought to myself, “he’s here to introduce the band!”

    After a wait of 20 minutes or so, the rain began to lighten up. A group of people proceeded to walk up to the microphone. A man and woman introduced themselves as local DJs and began thanking the sponsors for bringing Los Lobos to “Burque”. When the woman got to the third sponsor, the City and Mayor Berry, there was the loudest “booing” I have ever experienced.

    During the booing the profanity’s were flying. The man introducing Los Lobos seemed to be shocked! Los Lobos seemed to be shocked! The DJ said, “Oh come on”. The booing got even louder, and the DJ immediately said, “Ladies and Gentlemen, Los Lobos.”

    Mayor Berry never came up on the stage. One would have to wonder if he did, what would have happened.

    Los Lobos started with their song, “Will the Wolf Survive”, singing some of the most appropriate lyrics for the evening:

    “Standing in the pouring rain… “

    …“In a land where he once lived with pride.”