ART Vote Results by District

ART Vote Results 2016 by District

If built as designed, ART would not meet the goals stated by Mayor Berry at the outset of the Albuquerque Rapid Transit (ART) Project. The evidence presented here shows that the primary goal of faster ride times and predictable stop times may not be met. This is because the ART design would be imposed onto a street whose right of way varies from 70 feet wide in downtown to 100 feet in other areas. As presently designed, several historic neighborhoods along Central Avenue would be impacted by changes in various aspects of the streetscape such as parking, bicycle lanes, and trees.
The following maps show where the right-of-way variations and other problems occur and how these would negatively impact Central Avenue.

This data is taken directly from the ART Project plan drawings and compared to 2014 aerial photos of Central Avenue for the length of the Project. (click to zoom)